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McKenna Fest 2013

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McKenna Fest 2013

The second anual McKenna Fest just happened. Yes, there was a lot more turtle meat. Yes, more people joined the fun. Yes, a lady’s character is sucking off my character in the screenshot. A good time was had by all! Here’s how things went down…

The Running of the Deez

Sadly, Deez couldn’t be with us. He died in a factory fire. His spirit lives on in all of us though and he will never be forgotten!

We had some kid run in his place, though. And by some kid I mean the kid who makes all other stalkers seem like distant admirers. This kid has a hair doll of Deez and holds it close when the world around him makes him sad. But hair doll Deez makes all the sad go away. Everything is right when just the two of them lay in bed together and to them there is no one else. There’s is a world made just for two. A world where it’s ok to collect a grown man’s hair from a comb and save it up over time to make a miniaturized effigy of your hearts one true desire. It was for Deez that this young boy ran. Desire gave speed to his feet and the promise of love gave motivation to his soul. We chased him from Stormwind to Ironforge via the tram. He chased his dreams along a road made of rainbows and wishes.

The Sending of the Meat

Last year we sent McKenna a little over 800 pieces of turtle meat. This year we collected over 4,500. All of it was sent to McKenna one item at a time, filling his in game mailbox with 4,500 messages. It took us about an hour to send everything.┬áThe last time so much meat was forced into someone’s box, Lone’s mom discovered the joy of bukake style gang bangs. And like Lone’s conception, we destroyed that box.

The Raping of the Land

The idea here is to attack a town and make McKenna arrive to stop us right as the game lets him know he just received our messages. Last year the plan didn’t work, he didn’t show up at all. This time it did. The area was already filled with other people trying to stop us on top of all the NPC guards being there. Then he came by. Honestly the only real rape that happened was inside of our assholes. I think we had like three people who were geared enough to actually fight people. It didn’t go well at all. But the plan worked anyway. He came out, I shot at him a little, he checked his mail, turtle meat.

McKenna Fest 2014 will be on the first Saturday of February, which happens to land on my birthday! Start preparing now for what will be the best McKenna Fest yet.

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