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The Iceman Cometh

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Back in February I hosted the first annual McKenna Fest. It was a day where we celebrated the existence of a guy in a video game by mass mailing him 800+ turtle meats and I chased a naked dwarf around. Today McKenna talked to me in game and let me know he found the post where I detailed the event. To say that was awkward is an understatement. First I thought well this is gonna be a fun exchange of shit talking and hate. Then I thought wait…did I say anything insulting in my post. Next I thought yes. Yes I did say things. Lots and lots of things. Finally I thought fuck it let’s see where the night takes us.

It was the first conversation with him that didn’t involve bragging, shit talking, insulting, or me saying I LIKE TURTLES. Well no I did say that at the end. I couldn’t help myself. But it was a nice change of pace. After some talking he seemed ok with the post, a little flattered that I dedicated some web space to him actually. He also seemed ok with the idea of McKenna Fest being an annual thing. Which is great because McKenna Fest 2013 is gonna be so much better.

So McKenna; if you return to my humble website I’d like to note a few things:

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